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Neverending White Lights - Act 2: The Blood and the Life Eternal

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2007-11-05 Year: 2007
Label: Ocean Records Canada
Genre: Rock
Producer: Daniel Victor
Artist discography


As the year comes to a close, I look back and as an average there were only a few really stand out records that come to mind. I thought that was about it for the year until I came across Neverending White Lights "Act 2: Blood & The Life Eternal." Daniel victor once again creates a masterpiece of emotion, delicate, ambient eternal sounds of passion with this follow up to the predecessor.

This album is easily one of the best cds to be released this year. The mood of this record will take you into an ocean of the melancholic waves and life you high into the ambient sky. With the production that is A+ and very well balanced, all the instruments on the record flow into each other with clarity and lust. The time well spent on the tones and production of this record are achieved in a high caliber recording. The drums pound with atmospheric ambiance and low rumble while the guitars, piano, and many other instruments fill the canvas with true vibrant colors to make a complete Monet-like painting for an album. with that said we move onto the songs.

The songs on the record flow like a soundtrack to your life. The eerie sounds and haunting air of the vocals from Daniel comes through with power and decadence. With help on the vocals from artists such Jimmy Necco from Ours on the track "Dove Colored Sky", Coury Palmero from Lynden on the haunting soundscape "The Living," "The World Is Darker"that features an ever so nostalgic vocal display from Auf Der Maur. then we hit track 5 and an instantly memorable track "My Life Without Me" which features guest vocals by Mat Joly of the band Mobile. this track is an instant reminder of how emotional this album can be with the emphasis on delivery and passion. This song should be featured in a movie, now that i thin about it many of these songs should be and thats what makes it so great. Its a soundtrack to a movie that hasnt been made, just one man and his emotions throughout.

"Miss World" written by Courtney Love is a nice breakup of the album and an almost interlude into the rest of the album. "Always" features a more upbeat track with a nice almost emo-like guitar riff that captures the essence of the radio friendly sound but fits well with the rest fo the album vibe. Its more upbeat but not different in sound. Another standout track with dual male/female vocal bliss is "Black Is The Colour of My True Loves Heart" which features Lexi Valentine of Magneta Lane. This song opens the waves and lets the musical waters drift away in the distance.

Overall this is album has some of the best production i have heard lately and this record will be a lasting album in my collection. this album will not be one of those records that features other members that you listen to once and its ok for the time being but gets lost in the mix of all the other albums that you have. It will be a lasting memory of how great this artists is and how underrated Daniel is in todays world of music. Definitely go out and buy this 14 track record that features a nice listen on every single song designed to perfection. Support the artist in this great addition to the Ambient/Alternative Rock Genre.

Tracklisting 1. Theme from the Blood and the Life Eternal
2. Dove Coloured Sky
3. The Living
4. The World Is Darker
5. My Life Without Me
6. Miss World
7. The Warning
8. Always
9. Where We Are
10. Black Is the Colour of My True Love'S Heart
11. Bleeds to an End
12. Nothing I Can Save
13. Distance
14. Last of the Great Lovers
15. Warding Off the Spirits


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