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Dustin Kensrue - The Water and The Blood

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2013-10-01 Year: 2013
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


It's been about six years since fans have been waiting for Dustin Kensrue to release his followup album to "Please Come Home." October 1st will see the release of his highly anticiapted sophomore album “The Water and the Blood.”  Moving in a little bit of a darker direction, closer to Thrice and further from his debut, Kensure uses shorter musical tracks to get his point across. The way his message is conveyed is very inspirational, exactly the way I went into listening to it; just as avid listener of music. Its hard not to draw comparisions to his previous work but I know as an artist, Dustin would respect that fact and would want this album to hold up on its own. Fear not, it does exactly that and more.

Kensrue opens the gritty vocaled album with “Rejoice,” a more up tempo tune, whilst keeping it dark in flavor. “Rock Of Ages” is a great follow-up track and invites you in more of the album nad lays the foundation for the album flow. “Suffering Servant” is where we hear the Dustin Kensrue we all know and love. His hoarse vocals, yelling over the music entraps you, especially at the climax of this song. He really knows how to capture an audience. In “God is Good,” probably the most upbeat track next to the aply titled album closer, "It Is Finished," resembling parts of his debut, but with more musical expansion. The players on the album should get some prasie as well, as they provide a fantastic sound for this album. 

Halfway through the album we see the re-recorded Modern Post title track “Grace Alone.” The overdrive on the guitars post the perfect tone for this knee tapper. “The Voice of the Lord” is a very indie alternative track, almost on the heavier side, with out being distorted heavy. The mass of this song is what makes it so big when he spurts “Glory.” He's all about the big endings of his songs.  

Speaking of which, the first time I listened to the first released single (and video) “It’s Not Enough” was the moment I knew I had to hear the rest of the album. If I had to do it and I will here, say this is the closest track to Thrice. This song has the Alchemy elements to it, but the most emotional track we see Dustin in yet. This song will give you chills! If it doesn’t near the end, then I dont know what will. The emotion strain Kensrue lets out on this anthematic chorus yelling "It's Not Enough," proves he has a lot to say and he’s not done telling his story.

Think of a workout with quick bursts. This is exactly what this album is. He doesn’t leave room for much filler, as each song fits very well as a whole. The more upbeat tunes, still have a dark overtone throughout the slower, more emotional tracks. Dustin Kensrue has found his own sound on this album, combing past elements of his previous work while experimenting with future instrumentation and delivery. If you are a fan of any of his previous work, then you will enjoy this fantastic album. It’s only a matter of time before “The Water and the Blood” touches a vast majority of hearts.

1. Rejoice
2. Rock Of Ages
3. Suffering Servant
4. My One Comfort
5. God Is Good
6. Grace Alone
7. The Voice Of The Lord
8. It's Not Enough
9. Come Lord Jesus
10. Oh God
11. It Is Finished


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