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The Killers - Sawdust

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: American Recordings
Genre: New Wave
Producer: Various
Artist discography


The latest release Sawdust from the Las Vegas quartet The Killers is a compilation of re-recorded B-sides, rarities, covers and remixes compiled together to create this full album. The album was released in various markets between November 9 and November 13, 2007, when it was released in the United States. The way the album is shaped its more of an album and not a hod podge of songs thrown together, it actually sounds like an album song fro song. Which is good because theres nothing worse than listening to a bunch of songs with way different production and weird demos no one wants to hear. The band actually went back and redid some of the songs to make them part of this album.

The album starts with the moderate opener and first single from the album Tranquilize featuring legend Lou Reed. The album then features a Joy Division cover with more electronic pop glee filled Shadowplay that projects the upbeat rhythms and hooks that the band is most known for. All the Pretty Faces is the more heavier riffed song but also with the classic keyboard sound and eerie vocal display from singer Brandon Flowers. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf offers a more psychedelic Beatles-like song. Featuring a more laid back swagger to the music of this song.

Another cover Romeo an Juliet, by the band Dire Straits is another good addition to the album and a very well done cover may I add. Sweet Talk could right off a U2 record. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album which is an unreleased track from the Sam`s Town sessions which features a very Bono-like vocal display and very catchy display. I`m a firm believer that the band should have released this on the full album. What a great song, the hooks are prominent and the airy riffs very reminiscent of The Edge and the keyboard carry this tune into a melodic driven open sea of synth rock euphoria. Another song that really caught me at the end of the album is the Mr. Brightside remix by Jacques Lu Cont`s Thin White Duke. This remix features that song that rode up the charts but in more slow electronic vibe. I`m usually not a fan of remixes since they normally don`t do the actual song any justice, but they nailed it on this one. Its brings a whole new vibe to this song and is really a delightful addition to the album. the song resembles it being an almost chilled out version of a dance club remix of the song but not with the overwhelming drumbeat that those tunes usually acquire.

Overall the album has some really great tunes on it that should have been released on either the first album Hot Fuss or the newest release Sam`s Town. The album does offer some tracks that aren`t the best but are filler tracks as every album of b-sides usually has. A good buy if your a fan of The Killers music and want to spice up your collection since it will be some time before you get a new release from these guys. I would say you would get your money`s worth on this buy.

Tracklisting 1. Tranquilize
2. Shadowplay
3. All The Pretty Faces
4. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf
5. Sweet Talk
6. Under The Gun
7. Where The White Boys Dance
8. Show You How
9. Move Away
10. Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll
11. Who Let You Go?
12. The Ballad of Michael Valentine
13. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
14. Daddy's Eyes
15. Sam's Town - 2006/Live from Abbey Road
16. Romeo And Juliet
17. Mr. Brightside - Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix


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