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Brooke Faser - Albertine

Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Pop
Producer: Marshall Altman
Artist discography


Three years after taking over her homeland with her incredible debut, one of New Zealand´s great singer/songwriter´s, Brooke Fraser, returns with her eagerly-anticipated second studio album Albertine. The album was recorded in LA with producer Marshall Altman, engineer Joe Zook and a fantastic line-up of the world´s finest musicians, Albertine delivers 12 new songs which featured the single Deciphering Me.

Selling over a hundred thousand copies of an album in New Zealand is not an easy task and doing it made Brooke Fraser a superstar in her own country. Three years has passed since the release of What To Do With Daylight, and the pressure must have been building since then. Brooke steps up to the plate without question and hits a home run with Albertine. Besides the title track, Albertine, which will make you want to change your life, the album’s finest moments are in the two songs, Shadowfeet and Deciphering Me.

The alarming part about the music is that some of the most religious songs are some of her best like The CS Lewis Song and the infectious Hosea’s Wife. Even though the topics are obviously religiously based, the songs aren’t exactly over the top Chrisitan tunes. Phrases like “When the world is falling out from under me / I’ll be found in you, still standing” might be Fraser’s love for Jesus, but then again they might just equally reference love in general, so who really knows. Then again who really cares, they are well produced songs and well crafted singles. It’s love that takes the focal point here and Fraser’s voice is the main reason behind the true decadence of the album. Let the words mean what you want and Albertine will make sense to you and relate to your life in some way, shape or form.

Tracklisting 1. Shadowfeet
2. Deciphering Me
3. Love, Where Is Your Fire
4. Love Is Waiting
5. Albertine
6. C.S. Lewis Song
7. Epilogue
8. Faithful
9. Seeds
10. Hoseas Wife
11. Thief
12. Hymn


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