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Filter - The Amalgamut

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Warner Music
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Richard Patrick/Ben Grosse
Artist discography


Melodic air raider Richard Patrick?s explosive unit Filter has done it again! Rock with dynamite delivered with razorsharp guitar riffs and melodies from out of this world. This is their 3rd album and the expectations were very high after the last "Title of record" that had the killer tracks "Welcome to the fold" and "Best things". But the singer,songwriter and leader of the band Richard Patrick had 3 years to come up with a new good album. "The amalgamut" is not as good as the last one,IT?S BETTER!!!
Maybe the best numetal song of the year is on this one,"Where do we go" is heavenly and has everything a killer song should have. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars is brilliant and takes the songs even higher. "The only way is the wrong way" feels like a new stunning hit to conquer the world.
The production is first class and I just love Patricks vocals with roaring screams from the wild and the next second,a nice smooth voice filled with emotion. Hearing "American cliche" is like beeing ru over by a truck,how I love those blistering riffs. The album is released on the 30th of July and then the calm is over ?coz Filter rocks like hell.

Tracklisting 1. You Walk Away
2. American Cliche
3. Where Do We Go From Here
4. Columind
5. The Missing
6. The Only Way - Is The Wrong Way Album Version
7. My Long Walk To Jail
8. So I Quit
9. God Damn Me
10. It Can Never Be The Same
11. World Today
12. The 4th


Melodic Net Comments 

Sarah Moody NZ
I loooooooooooove this album!! soooo good!! I am disappointed with Filters latest release..i didn't hit the spot for me.He sounds in pain on the amulgamut , which is what i love about Richard Patrick..the new stuff sounds a bit "put on" to me. Oh well :) Go Filter!! Sarah

Bengt, you?re keeping an eye on me! :-) I have now added Ben Grosse?s name to the production credits.

RP produced the album together with Ben Grosse.

Bengt Rist
I totaly agree with Kaj on this one. It?s 2006 and this album is still one of my absolute favorites. The great mix of the tender melodies on "were do we go from here" and "the Only way" to the hard hitters "You walk away" and "american cliche" are just superb, and will never be dated. The distingt voice of Richard Patrick is one of modern rock?s best trademarks ever.

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