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Muse - HAARP

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: DVD
Year: 2008
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Muse
Artist discography


Muse couldnĀ“t have made a better closure of their first 10 years in the music business than the new live cd/dvd Haarp - Live at Wembley 16-17 June 2007.
The crowd is fantastic and singalong to the songs like an enthusiastic crowd on a Queen concert, the light show can be described as the best of a Genesis/Pink Floyd show and the musicianship of guitarist/pianist/singer Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard is on the same level as U2 and Rush.
The setlist is made up of a majority of songs from their latest 2 albums "Absolution" (2003) and "Black holes and revelations" (2006) but the fans also gets a few explosive versions of older songs from their first 2 albums "Origin of symmetry" (2001) and "Showbiz" (1999).

The band enters the sold out stadium to the classical piece of "Dance of the knights" from Romeo and Juliet and "Close encounters of third kind", then the following 19 songs and 90 minutes is already historical - pure magic is another word I would like to use for this superb show.
When the dvd closes by the tunes of "Blackout", I am completely knocked out and feels like I just had the best sex of my life.

Tracklisting 1. Intro [Live From Wembley Stadium]
2. Knights Of Cydonia [Live From Wembley Stadium]
3. Hysteria - Live From Wembley Stadium
4. Supermassive Black Hole [Live From Wembley Stadium]
5. Map Of The Problematique - Live From Wembley Stadium
6. Butterflies and Hurricanes - Live From Wembley Stadium
7. Invincible - Live From Wembley Stadium
8. Starlight - [Live From Wembley Stadium]
9. Time Is Running Out - Live From Wembley Stadium
10. New Born [Live From Wembley Stadium]
11. Unintended [Live From Wembley Stadium]
12. Micro Cuts - HAARP [Live From Wembley Stadium]
13. Stockholm Syndrome - Live From Wembley Stadium
14. [Take A Bow [Live From Wembley Stadium] - HAARP
15. City Of Delusion - Live From Wembley Stadium


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