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Thrice - The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV: Air & Earth

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Year: 2008
Label: Vagrant Records
Genre: Post Hardcore
Producer: Teppei Teranishi
Artist discography


The 2nd album to this 4 part series, The Alchemy Index Vol. III & IV: Air and Earth, take us more indepth and finishes the bands series. The first album Fire and Water showed us the heavier side of the band mixed with new elements escpecially on the Water disc. Air continues to show us the more electronic side of the band, while Earth gets down to the acoutsic roots of the band.

Air really shows the bands ability to write these emotive, passionate, heartfelt songs, breaking them away from their post hardcore past. It branhces them out into other genres and shows their own unique sound. Dutin Kensrue displays a less agressive but more initiative approach with his personal lyrics this time. Broken Lungs opens the album with delaying guitars and a moderate tempo beginner. Dont be fooled by the opening as this gets down to the classic Thrice sound towards the end. Deadalus is the most powerful track on the record as it displays Kensrue┬┤s abrassive vocals as well as his very strong lyrical standpoint. They capture the listener in this track mixing their classic sound with this soul driven rock.

Earth starts us off with a more laid back feel whilst maintaining that melodic energy of The Alchemy Index as a whole. All the songs on the Earth album are roots based and soul insipired as mentioned before. You will hear some really deep country roots coming out of the band as they have only gave us a taste before. Now dont think the country we are used to hearing on the radio. Its that very southern feel and very "roots" based. Digging My Own Grave and Come All You Weary whcih is now on thier myspace give you a taste of what this earthy roots rock 6 song disc has to offer. Some of these songs will have you asking, "This is Thrice?"

The quesiton that remains is will the hardcore heavier fans of Thrice like this album? Well, they are ignorant if they dont. Thrice is displayed at their best and continue to show us their immense growth and songwiriting ability and dont need to be lumped in that Post Hardcore, Heavy cateogry anymore that has become so monotonous of these bands that probably made Thrice want to do this in the first place. To top it all off they record it themselves and without a procalimed producer, their own Teppei Teranishi handles the duties. Thrice is one of the best bands out there today and display it in this album as they show dip into all parts of the musical spectrum that the world will hear on April 15th.

Tracklisting DISC 1:

1. Broken Lungs *
2. The Sky Is Falling
3. A Song For Milly Michaelson
4. Daedalus *
5. As The Crow Flies
6. Silver Wings *


1. Moving Mountains *
2. Digging My Own Grave
3. The Earth Isnt Humming
4. The Lion and the Wolf *
5. Come All You Weary *
6. Child of Dust *



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