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Papa Roach - Lovehatetragedy

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Dreamworks
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Brendan O Brien
Artist discography


They released their debut album Infest back in 2000 and sold millions of copies of it. They toured frequently in two years which almost killed the group. But they managed to keep up what they loves most and released this album a couple of weeks ago.
When they came out with their debut album the modern rock climate was calmer than todays tough weather, with so many other groups playing in the same division. It could have been tough for them, but I dont think they will have any problem at all to convince their old fan base. To follow up a major success is very difficult and I must say that Papa Roach has done it very well. I even thinks that this will sell even more than "Infest", cause its better! The first single from the album "She loves me not" will spread their name even more than before cause it has even went to the charts here in Sweden, which is quite unusual for being a modern rock song. And this isnt the only single from this album I can guarantee! Songs like "Time and time again", "Life is a bullet" and "Never said" are better than the first single and will give them a lot of radio airplay the following year.

For those who hasnt heard those Papas I can tell you that theyre playing quite basic tough modern rock with a portion of punk and anger and shouldnt be compared to rap-metal groups like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, that they quite often are. Theyre quite tough at times but is always well controlled and are never close of being destructive like many of the tougher nu-metal bands.
Lovehatetragedy is a quality album with a couple highlights and some more ordinary ones. Not a classic one but an album that will be loved by their fans and will give them a lot of new ones.

Tracklisting 1. M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
2. Life Is A Bullet
3. Time and Time Again
4. Walking Thru Barbed Wire
5. Decompression Period
6. Born With Nothing, Die With Everything
7. She Loves Me Not
8. Singular Indestructible Droid
9. Black Clouds
10. Code of Energy
11. lovehatetragedy
12. Gouge Away
13. Never Said It


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