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Vampire Weekend - s/t

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2008-09-21 Year: 2008
Label: Touch & Go
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Rostam Batmanglij
Artist discography


With a collage of indie rock comes a wide range of musical ambitions from Vampire Weekend. The fitting name to the music will entrance you to, well at the least just check out the music to see what they are all about. Old School The Police comes to mind on the first listen with the vocals resembling Sting at times and the crazy drums pounding away in the background.

The production is very raw and the music will get you swaying on some songs. For an album like this and the indie flavor it has, raw the production is perfect blend for all the instruments to sprout. The band features some punkier songs, some funkier ones, and some straight up rock n roll style songs on this debut self-titled album. The catchy vocals on Oxford Comma reminds me of a song I have heard before but cant really pinpoint it. I guess you know thats a goopd tune when you can say that. The chorus can almost be compared to Queen with a funky guitar lead coming in the middle making you feel like sitting on the beach with a corona. A-Punk is the Hot Hot Heat song on the album with its upbeat catchiness and array of melodies.
I Stand Corrected has a slight 80´s reference sound with the keyboards and metronomed kick drum completed the base of the overall song.

This 11 song debut, with a running time of only 34 minutes, is overall fun and delightful and is a mood inspiring album. Put this album on before you go to work and your sure to have a good day. The music on the album features all kinds of instruments ranging from violins and keyboards to your basic guitars, bass, drums, etc. The band uses their musical ability very well to produce a top classic indie record. This album is a must for any Indie rock fans of Fiction Plane, Modest Mouse, or even fans of The Police.

Tracklisting 1. Mansard Roof (Album)
2. Oxford Comma (Album)
3. A-Punk (Album)
4. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Album)
5. M79 (Album)
6. Campus (Album)
7. Bryn (Album)
8. One (Blake's Got A New Face) (Album)
9. I Stand Corrected (Album)
10. Walcott (Album)
11. The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Album)


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