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SafetySuit - Life Left To Go

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2008-05-13
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Greg Archilla
Artist discography


Wow! Thats really the first thing that comes to mind on the first listen of this album. If you are looking for the modern rock album of the year, this may be a top contender in your collection. SatefySuit releases their masterful, epic debut Life Left To Go with enormous melodic power. The release was produced by mastermind Greg Archilla and shows off this bands talent of making some of the best modern rock of the year.

The album starts off with the hard orcking single that should really kill radio stations, Someone Like You. Everything is set up perfectly for a single and could not flow any better. The band displays their power of Lifehouse meets Matchbox Twenty with a harder Alternative Rock edge. The vocals are captivating and engaging while the music is very uplifitng, melodic and powerful. Find A Way drops in the middle of the record and shows off the Coldplay side of the band. Wow can they write a great slow modern rock ballad or what. Gone Away later in the album shows off the bands slower piano side with the powerful big kick in at the end for the anthematic ending.

The tones are genuine and fall nothing short of beauty. The production by Greg Archilla has alot to do with the sound of the record and the sleek tone of the songs. Safety is the more modeerate type of song with an entrancing, elegant chorus. You very rarely hear an album with so many hooks in the music as there are in the vocals. There is a slight resemblance in the vocals to Lukas Rossi (Rise Electric, Rockstar Supernova) also in many of he songs. Mostly in the raspy emotional lyrical delivery.

I know its only my opinion but this album will definitely do wonders in the modern rock scene today. You cant deny the hooks on this album and with one good puch the band will soar as it will open the record up to the public to hear it as a whole. Go take a listen and realize what I´m talking about. A home run in modern rock. For fnas of Lifehouse, One Republic, Matchbox Twenty, Augustana, 3 Doors Down and Anberlin.

Tracklisting 1. Someone Like You
2. Apology
3. Find A Way
4. Stay
5. Something I Said
6. Anywhere But Here
7. Down
8. The Moment
9. Annie
10. What If
11. Gone Away
12. Life Left To Go


Melodic Net Comments 

My favorite album ever, absolutely heartbreaking.

This is AWESOME cd . one song is better than the next, I especially like stay and down! keep making the great tunes you play!

This is the best new band around one song is better than the next on the cd GREAT for road trips!!

Amazing CD one of this yers best.I can hear bits of Our Lady Peace,Sanctus Real and Lifehouse on here.

i love every song on this album! the variety of the pace in this album is perfect! great for road trips or just riding around town!!!! everyone should get this cd!

THis Band Rccks. Best New Band EVER!!!!!

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