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The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2008-07-22 Year: 2008
Label: Tooth & Nail
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Michael
Artist discography


Alternative Emo rockers The Classic Crime have recently emerged from the studio with producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Incubus, Story of the Year, Puddle of Mudd) with the release of their sophomore album out next week on Tooth and Nail Records, The Silver Cord and let me be the first to tell you its very promising.

Thematic is probably the best word to describe the albums layout and pounding production this band created. The guitars are driving, the drums are produced with perfection and the vocals scream with power. Vocalist Matt MacDonald takes the lyrics to another level with the strength of this album lying in conceptual depth. If you’re familiar with their début album Albatross (which still holds the title of being the best-selling debut in Tooth & Nail history), then there’s really nothing about this album that you wont like. It has all the Classic Crime sound with a little more air and epic boundaries. I’m not sure if you can call this album a concept album but it does offer the mystical attachments referring to some people who are pronounced dead and come back to life noticed a silver, tinsel-like cord connecting their ´spiritual body´ to their physical one.
You can be the judge. The songs on the album flow out of this context how they relate to the title of the album in many different ways.

The band takes on more influences this time around with musical similarities between Emery, Panic At The Disco and at minimal times Three Days Grace. Recorded in February and March 2008, The Silver Cord is a very ripe album with modern lush with heavy chords (not cords, ha!) held together with tight musicianship and infectious melodies. The hooks are firing away and hit you one after another. The lyrics to me are a constant hook with many different layers and deliveries. Also the epic sounds coming from the guitars with delay and clean tones really open up the Classic Crimes sound to another level. The opening songs are on the heavier louder side as the album lays out the foreground. My favorites on the album have to be M5805 and Salt In The Snow which has single written all over it. The song would do wonders on the mainstream side of the commercial industry while holding what’s true to the band. The first single from the album Abracadavers shows the promising musicianship of the band and their growth since their debut 2 years prior.

A fine 15-song album overall, leaving you fulfilled with a track list of that length. Of course there are a few that are skipped but for the most part eh album is rocking and nothing short of a good rock record. The Classic Crime shows us their growth and expansion of their sound out of the ordinary emo rock side. The band explores the other ranges while staying true to their original sound to please just about any rock fan. Check this album out Tuesday 6/22 as Tooth and Nail releases yet another smashing album.

Tracklisting 1. The End
2. Just A Man
3. Gravedigging
4. The Way That You Are
5. 5805
6. Salt In The Snow
7. Abracadavers
8. R&R
9. God And Drugs
10. Medisin
11. The Ascent
12. Sing
13. Everything
14. Closer Than We Think
15. The Beginning (A Simple Seed)


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