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Terry Eason - Sentimental Vanity

Terry Eason - Sentimental Vanity

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Jam
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Artist discography


Minnesota based singer/songwriter Terry Eason sounds like Niclas Frisk of Atomic Swing (remember the hit "Stone me in to your groove"?)when he sings.
Just listen to "Beginning of the sun" from Eason´s 8th solo album "Sentimental vanity", the music however leans more towards psychedelic piano based indie prog.
It´s very difficult to label this music and why should I?
The only thing that should matter is if the songs are great, Terry doesn´t write songs to end up on American Idol - no singer on that show would understand his quirky tunes anyhow.
He´s an odd songwriter that does about anything that suits him for the moment, whatever the song needs.

It´s an interesting album but I also really can´t get into the music the way I want to, there are some cool songs on it ofcourse or how do you feel about a more jazzy Gregg Alexander like in "Miss Egmont".
If you think Ben Folds collaborating with Bob Dylan sounds like a nice thing, then the result very well could be "Karma bull".
The Tom Petty-like "Miracle man" is one of my favorites but I think "Cartwheels and cotillions" is nice too, this one reminds a bit of a mix between 10cc and Todd Rundgren.
The Stranglers meets Talking Heads in "Megalomaniac", so you see - there are plenty of varied musical influences here.


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