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Ferras - Aliens & Rainbows

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2008
Genre: Pop
Producer: The Matrix & Gary Clark
Artist discography


Holy moses... Where do all new great music come from?!?! 2008 rules! Here is another G R E A T guy you all need to check out. The name of the guy is Ferras and he deliver a perfect mix between clever pop a´la Melée in "Everybody Bleed The Same" and "Liberation Day", bombastic 80´s pop a´la Tears For Fears in "My Beautiful Lie" (which will end up high on my toplist over the best songs of 2008), softer ballads like "Take My Lips" and "Hollywood´s Not America" which both sounds like great "Blessid Union Of Souls -goes Elton John"-tracks, "Don´t Give Up" which could have been The Fixx if they were young and horny the year 2008 (Listen to that refrain. Absolutely stunning!!) and finally the titletrack "Aliens And Rainbows" with a touch of David Bowie over the sound. Nah, enuff said folks - Ferras have delivered a fantastic album and it´s 4 really strong stars I deliver here, so surf right away to their MySpace-site and take a close listen.

Tracklisting 1. Liberation Day
2. Aliens & Rainbows
3. Something About You
4. Hollywood's Not America
5. Everybody Bleeds The Same
6. Rush
7. My Beautiful Life
8. Soul Rock
9. Blame, Blame, Blame
10. Dear God
11. Don't Give Up
12. Take My Lips


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