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Valencia - We All Need A Reason

Reviewer :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: Columbia Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Ariel Rechtshaid
Artist discography


Valencia, a pretty good football team in Spain, and a pop punk band from Philadelphia and they play at the same playground as Yellowcard when it comes to music. From the first tunes I hear I think that these guys are the long lost brothers of Yellowcard, and if you do not like that band or similar bands, this might be something to pass on.

For us who do like this genre and those who think that Something Corporate and New Found Glory’s Coming Home is a good album might actually be in for a treat here. The fact is that I hear a lot of influences from that album on here, group sung choruses and the same sound throughout the album. They have managed to get a very nice sound on this album, it is really crystal clear.

I like this kind of music, it seems to cheer me up and sometimes you just want to jump around and dance and sing to it. However, what they are doing is nothing new at all. I have now been listening to this album four times and I cannot find anything that makes them stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, there are A LOT of bands in this genre. What you need to do is to produce something special to be able to compete with all the others.

Something about the songs then, my favorite is by far Holiday with a great chorus. It is hard to pick favorites when all the songs are very similar. In this case they are similar in a good way though, they maintain a good tempo throughout the album and the quality of the songs are quite high.

If you think that the world needs another Yellowcard, NFG or Acceptance you should run and buy this because that is exactly what they sound like. I would say that they are better than Fall Out Boy and Bowling for Soup but I doubt they will sell that amount of records which is a shame because this album is better than many bigger bands efforts. Too bad they were not here before their competitors, three years ago and this would have been album of the year in this genre.

Tracklisting 1. Better Be Prepared
2. Holiday
3. Where Did You Go?
4. Head In Hands
5. Carry On
6. All At Once
7. Safe To Say
8. Listen Up
9. I Can't See Myself
10. The Good Life
11. Free


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