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Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Dreamworks
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Brendan O Brien
Artist discography


One of this fall most expected new releases have fallen on this trio,anyone who has missed their debut "No name face" should stop reading here and buy it A.S.A.P! Then you can continue reading this review on their new album. It will be out sept.17th but check out the new single "Spin" if you haven?t got it already. It?s a good song even if it doesn?t have the same strong direct approach that the mastedon hit "Hanging by a moment" had. Singer,Guitarist and songwriter Jason Wedder and Co dont make it easy for themselves doing a new "No name face",because "Stanley Climbfall" feels a little harder to get through. The songs are more melancholy and odd,there?s nothing wrong with the contrary,it just takes moretime loving this album. The 2nd track "Wash" is one of the few songs that nails to my head,still I feel their massive debut was better! Maybe this one will reach #6 at the album charts like "No name face" did but I?m not that sure. It wont be long until my friend Wippsson comes over and kicks my a over not rating this album higher since he?s a huge Lifehouse fan...*laughter*!

Tracklisting 1. Spin
2. Wash
3. Sky Is Falling
4. Anchor
5. Am I Ever Gonna Find Out
6. Stanley Climbfall
7. Out Of Breath
8. Just Another Name
9. Take Me Away
10. My Precious
11. Empty Space
12. The Beginning
13. How Long
14. Sky Is Falling - Acoustic Version


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