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Downhere - Ending is beginning

Reviewer :
Cor Jan Kat Format: Album
Release date: 2010-01-01 Year: 2010
Label: Centricity
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: Mark Heimermann, Stephen Gause, Chris Brush and Downhere
Artist discography


Every musiclover has his own favorite bands and albums that he considers essential for his collection and thinks are timeless.
From the beginning Downhere has grabbed me with their acoustic based rock and every album there was progression musically as well as lyrically.
The last “real” album “Wide-eyed and mystified” I had to give the maximum score because it deserved it. After this album the question had to be asked if they could ever produce an album that would be of equal quality.
Last year we got a cd filled with demo-material that was a bit disappointing and Downhere unworthy, but ooohh let me tell you right away, with this new release they make the dark clouds blow away and the sun shine brighter than ever!
What didn’t seem possible happened; they made an even better album than “Wide-eyed..”, a real classic!!
I have listened to this album for quite some time now and after every spin it grows more on me and the lyrics get deeper meaning.
“Bleed for this love” opens the album and is a “normal” Downhere-rocksong with all the familiar ingredients like the excellent vocals of Marc Martel and the solid instrumentation.
“Here I am” is a great rockballad with a stellar chorus. There are a few bands that have such great leadsingers like Martel and Germain. Their completely different sounds blend really great together.
In various songs new elements appear vocally and musically that remind me of bands like Queen, Robbie Valentine and the likes. Huge choruses with bombastic string-arrangements appear here and there( “Hope is rising”), that give the songs a fuller sound.
All songs are written by Martel and Germain and it is obvious that the well is still filled with fresh, reviving water. No cliche lyrics, like you find with so many bands nowadays, but deep and though-provoking ones.
“Something Heavenly” is simply heavenly! “Coming back home” is a Queen-like pop/rock song with Martel (no not Freddie M.) on leadvocals.
The following bombastic rockballad “All at war” continues and is one of the best songs of the album. “Don’t miss now” is a beautiful piano-based ballad and “Live for You” is again a bombastic pianobased rocksong with again leadvocals of both singers.
The thought-provoking song “The problem” makes you reflect on how the world did get the way that it is these days.
The twelfth song is the subtle ballad “The beggar who gives alms”. Listen how beautifully Germain like a real Van Gogh paints this picture.
We even get a bonus in the track “How many kings” that was previously released on a compilation cd.
Well what can I say more…the only thing you can do is buy this album right away! As I said before some albums we personally consider to be essential. This one is essential to me…and could become essential to you too!

Tracklisting 1. Bleed For This Love
2. Here I Am
3. Cathedral Made Of People
4. My Last Amen
5. Hope Is Rising
6. Something Heavenly
7. Coming Back Home
8. All At War
9. Don't Miss Now
10. Live For You
11. The Problem
12. The Beggar Who Gives Alms
13. How Many Kings (Bonus Track)


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