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Celldweller - Soundtrack for the voices in my head Vol.1

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: FiXT Music
Genre: Industrial
Producer: Klayton
Artist discography


It´s been 5 long years for all us Celldweller fans to get a brand new album from mastermind Klayton, there are plenty of releases to purchase with Celldweller but they´re all just remix albums plus the cool cd single "Tragedy" which is a smashing cover of Bee Gee´s old disco hit.
This new album only contains one song with vocals, the new single "Birthright" that is a true Celldweller classic - industrial heaven with all the right ingredients.
The rest are short instrumental pieces that sounds like if they were made to be licensed to action or sci-fi movies, he´s been pretty good of that earlier so to speak.
I really hope he will release an album with vocals real soon because even if this is good, I want to hear more real songs like "Birthright".
I won´t say "Soundtrack for the voices in my head Vol.1" is a disappoinment but I´m not jumping high of joy either.


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That Iron Maiden has recorded 4 instrumental tracks in their entire career, 3 tracks are featured on their first two albums. They are Transylvania, The Ides of March, Genghis Khan and Losfer Words from the Powerslave album.

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