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Tear Them Down - Their Fault, Our Problem

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2014-01-31
Genre: Punk Rock
Producer: Micke Nilsson
Artist discography


The one thing that right from the start gives this away as a punk album is that out of 14 songs, 3 are over three minutes long. Another give-away for me is that this band rose from the ashes of the Swedish punk band Nemas. I remember reviewing both the album from Nemas and the EP from Tear Them Down. This album continues from where the EP left off and we are treated to 41 minutes of punk rock songs. As you could guess from the length of the songs they are quite fast paced and that is where the band is at their best.

The problem with punk for me is that many songs can tend to sound the same. However, that is not the case for TTD, they have a quite nice variation among the songs. The production is good as well, no complaints there. The vocals suit the music very well, raspy and harsh in the verses and gang sung choruses here and there. It is hard to listen to this without tapping your feet or nodding your head. Just listen to I’m Dead or Over the Sea. And there are more songs that have the same effect on me.

Maybe this is “nothing new”, maybe this is something we have heard before in this genre. But to me this still feels more like real music than the crap that gets played on the local radio stations in Sweden. Do yourselves a favor; get this album, play it loud and jump around to the catchy tunes. It may not change your world but it will damn sure make you happy for a while!

Tracklisting 1. Bomb City

2. Over The Sea

3. Modern Times

4. Fight

5. 1986

6. Election

7. Small Town

8. Oh, The Irony

9. Im Dead

10. Punk Rock Love

11. Violence

12. Not Listening

13. Take It Out On Me

14. Our Time


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