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Tuval Cain - Forging the future

Reviewer :
Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2013
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Noam Hartmann & Avi Chen
Artist discography


Now, this is one of the truly rare occasions that I get to write about a band from Israel! TUVAL CAIN is a name taken from the Bible; he was a direct descendant of Cain (Book Of Genesis). It is lovely just reading the list of influences of the players: DEEP PURPLE, JETHRO TULL, THE DOORS, THE BEATLES, STEELY DAN, QUEEN, KANSAS and something like twenty more! And it can be heard when listening to the songs!

It is a skilled ensemble circled around singer Dor Nagar, who’s got a voice that ranges from quite clean and mellow to slightly worn and biting – in a good way. Songwise, well – it is impossible to just compare TUVAL CAIN to one band or artist. But overall, this is melodic rock with a progressive coat. The typical ingredients are there; outside of the regular line-up you get flute, a semi-acoustic feeling and lots of harmonies which move towards folk music at times. Among the few rocking tunes we find “Power” which is very 70’s or early 80’s sounding. “The world is my dominion” sounds a bit like a psychedelic DIRE STRAITS, while the best track of the album is “Don’t try to change me”. It’s like the perfect combo of MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND and PINK FLOYD! There’s even a touch of SAGA’s keyboard style in “No more need”, however stylewise far from SAGA – simply progressive rock. Oh, and don't miss the FRANK ZAPPA influences in "Jonah"! A really nice album! Close to a 4 in grading.

Tracklisting 1. Nomad*

2. Wandering I

3. Spiral down

4. Power*

5. A distant well

6. Looking glass love

7. No more need

8. Don't try to change me*

9. There will be time

10. Jonah's doubt

11. Jonah

12. The world is my dominion*

13. Retrobate



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