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Bulletproof Messenger - Arm Yourself

Reviewer :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2009-01-01 Year: 2009
Label: Sellaband
Genre: Industrial
Producer: Bulletproof Messenger
Artist discography


Wow! No, not World of Warcraft, I mean WOW in a good way. BulletProof Messenger is a new discovery for me although this is their second release. I got this album sent to me a while ago and I have been listening to it non-stop ever since. The band plays their music in the vein of Breaking Benjamin and Trust Company, so this is tough rock with effects and tons of edge. Boy, do these guys know how to lay down cool riffs because this album is packed with them!

The album starts off with This Fantasy, a song with a nice intro with some cool scratching that adds an extra dimension too it. This is a very cool track! Second out is the song Move On, also packed with cool riffs and a great chorus, one of the best songs on the album. Third out, Lose it All has a pumping bass line and another killer chorus, they just keep coming! DLD is an instrumental track that leads into the title track Arm Yourself. Now we are talking a quality song. Heavy riffing, chugging bass line and pounding drums all blended into a truly great song. Almost as good is the song Control that follows straight after. This part of the album has got me nodding my head with a big grin on my face, me like a lot!

As if that was not enough, No Way Out is another great song. Wasted brings out the acoustic guitar for the first time and Where We Belong stars with a beautiful piano intro. This is the closest to a ballad as we get so far on this album as it is piano-led with strings during the verses. I get some serious Skillet-vibes from this song and that is not a bad thing. Grand Disaster is a huge song that reminds me a bit of Fightstar, again, not a bad reference. Closing song Step Out is a song that sounds different compared to the others as it takes almost four minutes before the heavy guitars come in and it has a bluesy feel too it for the most part.

Overall this is a great album, a high variety of tracks combined with brilliant songs and a great production. BulletProof Messenger is a really tight band with great musicians all the way. The year 2008 might be over but this already sets the bar quite high for 2009. I think this is better than Breaking Benjamin as this is more varied than BB’s latest effort. I have high hopes for these guys, they are going to be really big if there is any justice in the world. If you are a fan of previously mentioned bands you know the drill: Get this now!!

A tremendous start to 2009!

Tracklisting 1. This Fantasy
2. Move On*
3. Lose It All
4. DLD
5. Arm Yourself*
6. Control*
7. No Way Out
8. Wasted
9. Where We All Belong
10. Grand Disaster*
11. Step Out



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