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Various Artists - Home is where the heart is

Reviewer :
Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2014
Genre: Rock
Producer: various
Artist discography


The Swedish small label Hemifrån has set a fine example on how to present local talents on an album in the 2000’s. Hopefully other cities in Sweden – and other countries – will follow this initiative. This album, entitled “Home is where the heart is”, brings 17 bands or artists in various melodic pop/rock genres.

Personally I have two favourites. The first one is the lovely singer ULRIK ARTUREN (recently reviewed here, as his 4 track single is of high interest). Thankfully enough the song here, “Playboy” is not on the single, so it’s a unique track. It’s a soul and westcoast tinged song, reminding a little of SPARKS in the verse but then more of ANDREAS ALEMAN in the chorus. Great stuff. Then there’s the talented CITIZEN K (Klas Qvist) with “This is our town”, and he always has a lot of ELO or modern BEATLES influences as well as a strong voice to lift the songs.

Among the others we find a nice pop/rock tune from PELLE JOHANSSON (“Bring down the clouds”) and the cool “Home to be” by MIKAEL PERSSON which is like CHRIS REA mixed with LEONARD COHEN or even BILLY IDOL on valium. The dark rocker “My bluesy fire” by KLAS BOHLIN should also be mentioned. Most of the stuff on this CD is really good. Like I said, a lovely idea. There must be distributors, labels or even music educations and schools where this kind of CD projects should be perfect.

Tracklisting 1. Returning home (PONTUS SWANBERG)

2. Our town (CITIZEN K)*

3. Bring down the clouds (PELLE JOHANSSON)*

4. Spiders (A SISTER OR 2)

5. Sometimes we get lost (TOBIAS BACKSTRAND)

6. Please, blame me (MICK RICHARD)

7. My bluesy fire (KLAS BOHLIN)*

8. Home to me (MIKAEL PERSSON)*

9. All these passing strangers (JAG ANDRA)

10. Song of October (THE FANTASTIC PEOPLE)

11. What you say (MUDFISH)

12. Playboy (ULRIK ARTUREN)*


14. This country girl (CINA SAMUELSSON)*

15. I begin to softly cry (RAMBLING NICHOLAS HERON)

16. You are my home (FILIP)

17. I'm sorry (BERRA KARLSSON)



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