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Jack Foster III - Tame Until Hungry

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Muse-Wrapped
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Trent Gardner
Artist discography


There´s no reason why anyone have to doubt about the skills, potential and musicianship behind an album like "Tame until hungry".
I mean with musicians such as Jack Foster III that has given us 2 strong prog rock albums in "Jazzraptor" and "Raptorgnosis", producer Trent Gardner (Magellan) and modern prog rock legend Robert Berry.
I´m a big fan of Jack Foster III and noticed I still haven´t written reviews of his latest 2 albums "Tame until hungry" from 2007 and the new one "Jazzraptor´s secret" (2008).
This time, the music leans more towards the Neal Morse oriented singer/songwriter progrock of his earlier solo albums but the album is also more jazzy than the previous 2.
I can´t remember that the Christian approach was this clear on the lyric part earlier, Jack doesn´t hold back his love and worship for Jesus on "Tame until hungry" which also makes this album a bit different than the first 2.
There are some majestic moments on the album but why the lengthy running time of over an hour?
I still think it´s a good record but find myself losing connection with the music at the second half of the record.


Melodic Net Comments 

Thanks! And no worries. I just wanted to clarify . . .

Jack, thanks for checking in and reading my review. I do apologize if I was wrong about the Christian approach, it´s nothing wrong if it would´ve been that way because I do listen to a lot of Christian music. I do believe we need more hope and spiritual guidance in our lives, I will write a review of your latest album as well. Keep up the good work!

Jack Foster
Hi Kaj: Thanks for the review! I just wanted to make a comment about the "Chistian approach" to which you refer. The second album, "Raptorgnosis", had a loose Gnostic Christianity theme. Gnostic Christianity is a non-dogmatic form that considers scripture and sacred texts mostly as useful mythology. "Gnosis" is spiritual understanding, which I think of sort of as akin to a love for fellow man. There are two songs on "Tame Until Hungry" that continue that theme: "Broken Hallelujah" and "Heart and Mind". So with song lyrics from "Broken Hallelujah" like: "Our religions are broken. They're just ritualistic tokens on the periphery of what's important." And from "Heart and Mind": "Toss your bible if it keeps you from the truth. The Koran and Torah too, if you read them wrong." My point is that the album is more critical of Religion (with a big "R") than religious itself. I think that religion should be simple and unifying as opposed to dogma-filled and divisive. Thanks again for taking a listen! I really appreciate that you have given to write your review. May you and yours be well . . .

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