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GlassjAw - Worship and tribute

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2002-07-09
Label: Warner Music
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Ross Robinson
Artist discography


Goosh this is really rough! With the title ?Worship and tribute? you can expect a quite melodic Christian album since we have been given a lot of those the last year. But I can tell you that this second album from Glassjaw is miles from a traditional worship album and I don?t think that they?re a Christian band either. There style is quite hard to describe but imagine a group like Jimmy eat world with a big fat machinegun blastering of tons of hardcore riffs. It?s really tough at times I can guarantee, but it?s not that heavy and destructive which you might can think. Among the screams and the razor blade sharp guitars they have quite pleasant pop melodies. The first half is a lot cooler with nice tracks such as ?Tip your bartender? and ?Mu Empire?. Tough songs, but they have good melodies and a big portion of energy that convince me that they have something extra to give. I know that about 99% of the readers on will shook their heads when listen to the opening track which I really can understand. But Glassjaw sure have a quite unique sound which is very appreciated by me and brings up the level a little. If you want something really crazy check-up those guys, otherwise spend some money on the debut from The Buzzhorn which is really classy rock album.

Tracklisting 1. Tip Your Bartender
2. Mu Empire
3. Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
4. Ape Dos Mil
5. Pink Roses
6. Must've Run All Day
7. Stuck Pig
8. Radio Cambodia
9. The Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports
10. Trailer Park Jesus
11. Two Tabs Of Mescaline


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