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Free Spirit - Pale sister of light

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2009-02-04 Year: 2009
Label: Carpet Music / Edel
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Free Spirit is a new melodic sensation from Finland. This is a band that I found on Myspace and gave me the same feeling I got from H.E.A.T. Yes, these Finns knows how to bring hook laden songs with massive choruses with fantastic melodies.
One of the members, Markku Keski-Maenpaa was in the band Prayer that released a great AOR album through Escape Music in 2005. The singer Sami Alho has a fantastic voice with a Ville Valo (HIM) touch in it but more AORish and God what a feeling this man has.
He gives these songs extra ingredients and they also bring out some classy harmony vocals.

The production is nothing but brilliant. The twin guitars and keyboards gives them a awesome sound that takes the best parts from Brother Firetribe, Leverage, Human Temple and Carmen Gray.
They deliver 11 tracks and you won’t have many boring moments on Pale Sister Of Light and if you ask me I would say that only 2 songs feels out of place otherwise this is an album filled with winners.

The album opens up with Shadow Of A Man that sets up the quality right away. This is a freaking awesome melodic AOR-rocker with big hooks and a stunning chorus that will hit you like a train. Moonlight Ride continues the fantastic journey with great riffs and a powerful chorus with great background vocals. Heroes Don’t Cry is a semi-ballad that has a Celtic feel over it and reminds of Dare at their best days. Listen to the amazing melodies and the chorus is nothing but magic. Strangers is a tremendous AOR-smasher with outstanding arrangements that made me think of Def Leppard at their peak and the chorus is sensational.

Until The Night is the song I got hooked on when I heard for the first time (Check out the video on their Myspace site). Back to the song because this is nothing but f..king brilliant with everything. This has fantastic guitars mixed with great keyboards in the background and with a huge catchy chorus that blew me away and I´m sure it will do for many others, this is music heaven.
Far Away From Heaven is another winner with stunning melodies with a sing-a-long chorus. Just listen to the awesome part at the end with dut-dut keyboards and this is what I love with bands that surprises with little things.

They end the album with Preacher Man and it’s a damn good song with a big chorus. What start of this year so far with some excellent releases and here we have another one that will end on my top-list of 2009.
So if you´re into quality melodic music, Free Spirit is something you can’t miss and don’t say that there’s not enough good music because Free Spirit shows the opposite. This is an album I recommend highly and it warms my heart to hear great music. Thanks guys for making my day and many days to come. This album will be played many times.

Tracklisting 1. Shadow Of A Man
2. Moonlight Ride
3. Pale Sister Of Light
4. Heroes Don't Cry
5. Radiant Light
6. Cry Of An Eagle
7. Easy Days
8. Strangers
9. Until The Night
10. Far Away From Heaven
11. Preacher Man


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