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Tonic Breed - Outsold

J├Ârgen Andersen Format: Album
Release date: 2014-04-28
Genre: Metal
Artist discography


Norwegian Heavy metal band Tonic Breed are back with their second studio album "Outsold".
As a fan of their debut album "On the Brink of Destruction" I was looking forward to listen to the new album. And first of all I must say that I am not dissapointed!
The new album is much more heavier than their first album, and what we get here is a thrash metal
album with strong influences from Metallica, Slayer, Testament and similar bands, in other words an album for all of us that likes trash metal in the vein of Bay Area style.
On their first album "On the Brink of Destruction" Tonic Breed mixed a lot different styles such as metal, trash and progressive melodic hard rock but on "Outsold" I think they go for a more structured and melodic sound with more melodies and complex riffs which contribute to making each song great.
The production is solid and the technicality that is shredded trough every track is impressive.
"Outsold" is a great album where all of the songs sound very different, yet somehow melt together to make a superb album full of varied vocals, catchy riffs, a lot of solos and awesome drumming.

Overall the album sounds like a complete piece, well thought out and consistent and there truly is a lot of nostalgia in this record.
Some songs on this album needs more than one chance but after listening to this album a couple of times I must say that I am really impressed and think that you should give Tonic Breed a chance because this is really an uncompromising metal album and it seperates from many other metal bands out there today.
And even if you find a lot of influences of Metallica, Slayer, Testament and Overkill it's ok because it's all good heavy metal! And that is the one word to describe this record. Heavy Fucking Metal, the way it should be!
This album has everything for the metal listener and the explosive album opener, "Strife", starts up with a cool intro followed by a great,fast and heavy riff and it is a really great song, with some influences from Annihilator.
Other highlights on the album includes the Slayer inspired song "Fifth Estate", the great semi-ballad "Blackened Mind", the beautiful and mighty Metallica influenced instrumental track "Borregaard" and the kick ass finisher on the album "There's Just One Escape".
So if you need a record full of fast, thrashy, fearce riffs but still filled with very powerful and melodic thrash metal and slower songs,then I recommend you this album, this is a quality album that deserves to be heard by anyone who has a heart for this genre.
Oldschool melodic trash metal truly lives on with Tonic Breed and this awesome new album and I only got one advice to you:BUY IT NOW and start headbanging!!

1. Strife
2. Fifth Estate
3. Bad Company
4. Blackened Mind
5. Rebellious Tendencies
6. Outsold
7. Borregaard
8. There's Just One Escape


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