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Saxon - The Complete Albums 1979-1988

Saxon - The Complete Albums 1979-1988

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2014-04-23 Year: 2014
Genre: Metal
Producer: Saxon / Pete Hinton / Gary Lyons / Kevin Beamish / Jeff Glixman
Artist discography


Saxon, one of the true pioneers of NWOBHM, still active and both touring and releasing new albums every now and then.
But they never got the same recognition as Iron Maiden or Def Leppard, it was the classic line up of Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson and Nigel Glockler/Pete Gill that stood behind their greatest albums in the 80´s.
So with that in mind, it´s easy to decide whether or not you should get a copy of the latest 10 cd box set The Complete Albums 1979-1988. Including 9 studio albums and the live album The eagles has landed, plus 70 bonus tracks of demos, live versions and a few b-sides like Chase the fade, Krakatoa, Live fast die young, Helter Skelter.
If you bought the 2009 remasters, you will already be familiar with these bonus tracks but I didn´t and I find them all very cool. It´s a pity that the box only contains the cd´s and no booklet with information regarding this decade of the band. Although you get a reminder that it was only 4 months between their best albums Wheels of steel and Strong arm of the law, released in May and September 1980. How many bands can pull that off today? The album Rock the nations might not be one of their best moments but the underrated Destiny sure rocks big time, still my favorite album will always be Strong arm of the law.

Playlist: Frozen rainbow, Militia guard (Saxon) 747, Motorcycle man (Wheels of steel) Dallas 1 P.M, Heavy metal thunder (Strong arm of the law) Princess of the night, Denim and leather (Denim and leather) 20,000 ft, Wheels of steel (The eagle has landed) Redline, Nightmare (Power and the glory) Sailing to America, Crusader (Crusader) Back on the streets, Broken heroes (Innocence is no excuse) Battle cry, Waiting for the night (Rock the nations) Ride like the wind, I can´t wait anymore (Destiny)


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Did you know that?

That Saxon´s 1980 album Strong arm of the law was released in September only 4 months after their 2nd album Wheels of steel, that came out in May 1980.

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