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JSS - Beautiful Mess

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2008-08-19
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Funk
Producer: Paulo Mendonca / JSS
Artist discography


Jeff Scott Soto is now JSS, the man has tracked vocals on more albums than his biggest fan can count I guess but he hasn´t recorded that many solo albums.
"Beautiful mess" is Jeff´s 4th solo album and the first since "Lost in the translation" (2004), other solo releases are "Prism" (2002) and "Love parade" (1995).
"Beautiful mess" was released by Soto´s own Sewtoe Music in USA in 2008 but gets a release in Europe on Frontiers Records on Feb.20.
The European release features the bonus tracks "Hearts starts stealing" and "Take you over with me" which should be enough for all die hard fans of Soto to pick up a copy of this release.
Soto gained a lot of fans when he replaced Augeri in Journey and toured with the band in 2006/2007, he really didn´t have much to prove before joining Journey because Soto has already done enough that would put his voice on the map of rocknroll with all from the Rock Star movie to Soul SirkUS and Yngwie Malmsteen to my personal fave Eyes from 1990.

On the new album, Soto collaborated with Swedish funkmaster Paulo Mendonca which shows pretty well on the album´s 14 tracks.
"21st century" and "Mountain" could´ve been taken from Mendonca´s 1993 album "Different phases", but Soto isn´t only groovy on this album - he goes back to his roots on the soulful "Gin and tonic sky" and pays a visit in modern pop/rock land on the catchy "Hey".
Without doubt, Soto´s most contemporary album so far and a grower for sure but don´t expect a melodic hardrock album, you will only be disappointed if you do.

Tracklisting 1. 21st Century
2. Cry Me A River
3. Gin & Tonic Sky
4. Hey
5. Broken Man
6. Mountain
7. Our Song
8. Eye
9. Bring It Home
10. Testify
11. Wherever You Wanna Go
12. Kick It


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