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Fightstar - Be Human

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Year: 2009
Label: Search and Destroy
Genre: Post Hardcore
Producer: Carl Bown & Fightstar
Artist discography


I´m a little early on this review but i wanted to give everyone a Track by Track analysis. Not too long after their latest studio album “One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours,” Fightstar released a “Alternate Endings” and now they return with their new album “Be Human.” I love how this band comes out with albums so fast. All I can say for the die hard fans is expect the unexpected on this album. Overall not one of the heaviest records to date but has a view nasty numbers and not overdone with structures they have only hinted at before. This couldn’t be at a better time for the band, showing full on orchestrations that give it a movie soundtrack vibe and with those classic catchy choruses to make it one of the best from Fightstar to date.

From the opening track “Calling on all Stations,” the band starts the album with a haunting violin that kicks into an urgent state of power. The driving elements of this song make it a memorable one. Next is “The English Way” and if you haven’t heard this tune then log on to their MySpace as its one of their best singles. “War Machine” starts slow with clean guitars and an almost soundtrack-like background. As Charlie belts out “Another War Machine, Another War Machine” the orchestra rolls in the background; speaking in terms of Silverchair’s “Diorama.” The heavy comes in about half way as Simpson yells from the top of his lungs with some screams in the background. “Never Change” is one of the most pop sounding songs, I have heard from Fightstar. I call this track the summer song on the album as I hear a lot of Daniel Johns influence on this one.

“Colours Bleed to Red” gets back to the basic “Grand Uni/One Day Son” Fightstar that we know and love; Heavy guitars and a very fast paced chorus in this song with Al’s high guitar parts reminiscent of “Hazy Eyes.” A “Deathcar” style bridge on this one. Woah! “This Whisperer” is the Muse-like track on the album which has a dance-like beat to it with hook-laden choruses and one of my favorite Fightstar tracks; Could be the next single in my opinion. “Mercury Summer” is next keeping the vibe of the album which is by far a great song, another MySpace one you can check out. Then we get to “Give Me the Sky.” Huge ambient tones most reminiscent to “Mono,” but still different. The Cure-like verses open into a crescendo of double picked guitars and a wide array of keyboard, Charlie turns up the emotion on this one. This will go down in one of my all time favorite tracks. You even hear a “Start up the clocks” line.

The later half of the album gets into the heavier side. “Chemical Blood” is next with a nasty heavy guitar and violin at the start. This is the most “Diorama” sounding one that is very heavy. “Tonight We Burn” is another slower track with electronics that Al takes most of the lead on this one. Al’s vocals have really matured on this album and sound great. “Domacles” starts with an eerie piano and kicks into screaming and pounding with a great metal overtones. Last is “Follow Me Into The Darkness” which is slow and ambient filled with piano and could be in the credits of a movie and a huge ending like Fightstar was always great at. The piano is a great addition to this eerie ballad. Radio friendly songs mixed with raw heaviness that makes Fightstar one of the best modern rock acts of today.

“Be Human” shows a new side of the band with a more mainstream edge. Hopefully we will see this album pushed to a bigger audience as I think Fightstar has the potential to be one of the biggest bands in the genre. Hopefully the USA will pick up on it after the 2 other missed attempts. Come on America, three strikes your out! I think this album would do great in the USA if promoted well. Great job from the band once again never disappointing. Buy it April and support this great band.

Tracklisting 1. War Machine
2. A City On Fire
3. The English Way
4. 28k Resolution
5. Chemical Blood
6. Calling On All Stations
7. Mercury Summer
8. Give Me The Sky
9. Never Change
10. Tonight We Burn
11. The Whisperer
12. It's Blood Is Black
13. Colours Bleed To Red
14. Damocles
15. Mvua Nyeusi
16. Follow Me Into The Darkness


Melodic Net Comments 

tom can i buy your advance?

excelent review of the album, looking foward to it already, fightstar, a band of growing maturity, whilst still maintaining there heavy tracks for there hardcore fans! cant wait to buy this!

how can we get to hear the album now?

Yeah some people actually do listen to real cd´s these days!

I work for and got an advance.

the songs have been out for a long time now =P

How did you get the album so early?

listen on spotify