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Raubtier - Det Finns Bara Krig

Henrik Holmgren Format: Advance album
Year: 2009
Label: BDMusic
Genre: Industrial
Producer: Henrik Edenhed
Artist discography


I am sure that this album will appeal to most fans of Rammstein. Raubtier is a Swedish act that plays industrial hard rock/metal that sounds pretty much like the German titans but the main difference is that they sing in Swedish. There are down tuned guitars, programming and lyrics sung with a dark voice. Blend in some nice guitar solos here and there and you have the music of these Swedish guys.

What bothered me at first was the low pitch vocals but I realized that they have to sing like this for this kind of music, Till Lindemann sings in the say way. I cannot shake the feeling that Hulkoff is a bit out of tune on some occasions but I guess you can overlook that. The lyrics is about darkness and that life is a constant battle so these are not very uplifting lyrics. However they manage to package this in an up-tempo, almost positive dress and make something almost fun out of it.

I think the single Kamphund (fight dog) is one of the best songs here along with the title track. If you are worried about the Swedish lyrics, do not be. Even I cannot understand what they are singing about sometimes and Swedish is my native tongue! But at least you will have something different in your record collection when you buy this album.

I think that this is a cool album that might give Rammstein a run for the money. If they can make it big without singing in English there is no reason why Raubtier could not make it as well. I think this is more of a cool album that it is good but then again, I feel the same way about our German friends. If you are into industrial metal, at least have a listen to this, I can tell you right now that you will not regret it!

Tracklisting 1. Det finns bara krig
2. Kamphund
3. Achtung Panzer
4. Dieseldöden
5. Dobermann
6. Änglar
7. Legoknekt
8. En starkare art
9. Hjärteblod
10. Terror
11. Inget hopp
12. Götterdämmerung


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