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Jon Olivas Pain - Global warning

Reviewer :
Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: AFM
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Christopher Kinder & Jon Oliva
Artist discography


Third studio album out by JON OLIVA�S PAIN is a diverse platter, although still very interesting in several ways. You get anything from power metal, through soft PINK FLOYD sounding songs to heavy metal pieces almost close to ANNIHILATOR here. The latter may not seem to strange, since Jon Oliva has a background in SAVATAGE.

Yeah, "Look at the world" even reminds me of JELLYFISH or SPARKS. The golden moments of this CD are really good, while songs like "Master" gets boring after a while. Same goes for "Walk upon the water", which is a semi-tempo melodic hard rocker with strangely intense bass drumming. The song is pretty eventless. On the other hand, try the opener "Global Warning" if you like a mix of SPOCK�S BEARD, PINK FLOYD and hard rock. A goodie! Another cool tune is "Before I hang", sounding like a mix of KISS and already mentioned PINK FLOYD. Oliva�s voice is a bit too screamy at times for my taste, but I am sure there are plenty of readers who will have no problem with this. Ralph Santolla (guitar) is guesting on two tracks, by the way.


Melodic Net Comments 

Granted, this is not a "Savatage" album, but is certainly not a million miles away from the sound of "Poets & Madmen". You either "get" Jon Oliva or you don't and I am glad to say that I do. It's the diversity of this CD that makes it worthy of 4 stars. It's not a CD that you will instantly fall in love with, it takes time and grows on you. Also not one that you will get bored of either, but one that demands to be played every week or so at least. A lot of the songs date back to the early Savatage years, as Jon has raided the archives of riffs written by his late brother Criss (who gets credited on a number of tracks). Definitely one to have if you are a Savatage fan, but a damn good Progressive Metal release for any collection.