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The Audition - Self Titled Album

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2009
Label: Victory Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Artist discography


Never judge an album by the cover because if you do, then albums like The Audition´s new self titled album never will find it´s way into your stereo or iPod.
The artwork for this album is terrible, it looks like an amateur sat down for 5 mins with photoshop while thinking of other things.
The Chicago based The Audition are experts in writing infectious pop/rock songs, their new album is like a mix of the first two with 33% pop/punk, 33% new wave and fill out the rest with guitar driven modern rock.
I wonder if they sat down and listened to Butch Walker´s albums before writing this album?
The songs are damn catchy and Butch´s spirit lies heavy on some of the tracks for sure, so get your digital copy on April 28th.

Tracklisting 1. The Running Man
2. The Way You Move
3. My Temperature Is Rising
4. Love With a Motive
5. Stand On Your Feet
6. It's Gonna Be Hard
7. Over My Head
8. Los Angeles
9. Everybody Is Someone Else
10. Sign. Steal. Deliver.


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Before Brian Howes (also wellknown producer for Hinder, Skillet & Daughtry) formed Closure, he fronted the influential group DDT which blended punk, ska and rap.

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