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Parachute - Losing Sleep

Parachute - Losing Sleep

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2009
Label: Island Records
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: John Shanks
Artist discography


Some albums knock you down completely like the Virginia boys of Parachute and their major label debut "Losing sleep".

It will be released on May 19th and that´s a date you cannot miss, this album will be the soundtrack of the summer of 2009 - take my word for it.

Every single song sound like a track for a Best of compilation, the first single "She is love" is just one example of many future hit singles that will conquer the air waves from now on.

If this band won´t make it, then you can shut down the whole music business and let the neighbor granny headline every big show in your city hereafter.

I´m not kidding, Parachute is just too good to be another DOA (dead on arrival) band - the songs are catchy and groovy and shouts out longevity!

Remember these names: Will Anderson - Vocals, Kit French - Keyboards, Alex Hargrave - Bass, Nate McFarland - Guitar and Johnny Stubblefield - Drums.

For fans of Big 10-4, Maroon 5 and Augustana.

Tracklisting 1. All That I Am
2. Back Again
3. She (For Liz)
4. The Mess I Made
5. She Is Love
6. Ghost
7. Under Control
8. Blame It On Me
9. Words Meet Heartbeats
10. The New Year
11. She Is Love (Full Band Version) - Bonus Track
12. Be Here - Bonus Track
13. Losing Sleep - Bonus Track
14. All That I Am (Acoustic) - Bonus Track


Melodic Net Comments 

This absolutely sucks big time!!!

AMAZINGNESS!!!!!! :D:D:D <3 this band! :)

Their new songs are great! but I like the older versions of the songs back when they were sparky's flaw better especially all that I am it is better a little slower. But this band is extremely spectacular!

I was just online and I have no idea how I came across "She Is Love" but I haven't done anything but obsess since I heard it. You guys are awesome and I wish you all the luck with your album! I'm going to be at your C-ville show (UVA! WAHOOS!) and I can't wait to see you in person!

I really liked them back when they were Sparky's Flaw. Dont really like the new name. And the new version of Under Control isnt as good as the original. And why isn't One Small Step on this album? That was my favorite song. Hopefully the rest of the album will make up for it.

I loveeee this band. I saw them live and they put on a great show. Can't wait to see them again!


Total love for you guys. :]

Parachute definitely deserves recognition. These boys are GOOD!

I cant wait for May 19th! I love Parachute (:

Stanton J.
I LOVE this band. I can not wait for MAy 19th

We just brought them to SUNY Cortland as openers with OAR and they are AMAZING!!!! I would say good luck to the band but you guys don't need it with your talent!


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Did you know that?

During 2001, before the band´s third release, the members of HIM (His Infernal Majesty) formed a new band called Daniel Lioneye. This was intended as a solo project of guitarist Linde, who took on the vocal spot and the stage name Daniel Lioneye for it. Migé Amour played bass, Ville Valo was on drums, with Hiili on keyboards, and Ike on sound effects. They released two albums, ´The King of Rock´n Roll´, in September 2001, and ´Vol. II´ in April 2010.

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