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M.I.C - Made in China

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: Two Side Moon
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Yvon Serré
Artist discography


M.I.C is a melodic rock band led by singer/guitarist Yvon Serré who wrote and produced their debut album "Made in China".
Yvon is a decent songwriter and a real good guitarplayer, his vocal performance is a bit limited but it works for this type of Dr.Feelgood-like FM rock.
Too bad the drum production sucks big time and the drummer Chris Yang is out of sync most of the time, they should re-record the drumparts with a much tighter drummer or let Chris rehearse the songs till his hands bleed.
I don´t mind listening to songs like "Every other day" and "Everything you do", in fact I do enjoy Yvon´s guitarplaying a lot.
An okay 9 track album that could be a lot better!


Melodic Net Comments 

Straight shootin' nonsense Rock! No funny buisness, no pop-o-rama! Just the way I like it. Rock-On boyz...

Kaj, I can't argue with ya! My point is that musical snobs like myself need to learn how to hear the personality in the music. Can you imagine how Ozzy would sound if he wasn't glossed over? Still, he shines either way. Good on ya, but I can hear Yvon's soul on this. That's why I'm so positive on MIC. Could it be better? Yeah, always! Perhaps MIC will redo this stuff in the future and polish it up a bit, but it would be a shame if they lost the charm as a result. I respect your opinion, though, so how would you rate my band?

yvon & his band have to be very talented in order to write,,play,,sing..their own music.i can see more of it coming..


Gordy, it should have been fixed! The songs are solid but other less good things takes down the whole impression of the album.

Great production is often a make-over for poor performance. This album is not "fixed" like most of what's out there these days, so you have to give it some credit for honesty. What you hear is what you get. When you make an album there can always be better performance, but when you listen to this album try to hear the personality in it. Then it'll grow on ya!