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a-ha - Foot of the mountain

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2009
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Pop
Producer: Steve Osborne
Artist discography


Morten Harket must have one of the finest voices in Scandinavia, wherever he´s singing the flowers go into bloom and the birds dance in the air.
I was surprised to hear a more synth based sound on their new album "Foot of the mountain" in the same direction as their first albums from the mid 80´s.
The new album is atmospheric and beautiful, several songs can be considered as new A-ha classics while other just are great songs.
There aren´t that many bands around today with all the original members left that still can deliver first class albums but A-ha makes an awesome free kick goal with "Foot of the mountain".
The opener "The bandstand" is one of the best synthpop songs on this side of the century while the title track belongs on every future Best of compilation with this band.
Other songs that will make me scream Euphoria are "Shadowside", "Real meaning" and "Start the simulator".
Magnificent......again.......oh la la!

Pär´s opinion

There is no doubt that Morten Harket sits on one of the best voices in the popworld. His solo album "Letter From Egypt" is a very good disc and A-ha has been for many years spoiled us with stylish synth-based pop, with a beautiful atmospheric undertone and also sometimes spiced with an "arena-feeling."

On the new album "Foot Of The Mountain" the band continues to spoil us listeners with beautiful melodies. The CD feels a bit more ´electronic´ than their last album "Analogue". The sound is beautiful and more retro, which feels really fresh, and Morten Harket ... What a voice.

Best songs then? Title track which is also the single is awesome, the 80-century smelling "Shadow Side" is beautiful and melancholic, and "Riding The Quest" has an immediate catchy hitfeelin ´and sounds like a classic Ultravox song.

The kings from Norway has done it once again.

Tracklisting 1. The Bandstand
2. Riding The Crest
3. What There Is
4. Foot Of The Mountain
5. Real Meaning
6. Shadowside
7. Nothing Is Keeping You Here
8. Mother Nature Goes to Heaven
9. Sunny Mystery
10. Start The Simulator


Melodic Net Comments 

No doubt, this is a good pop record, and speaking of good norwegian pop music, check out DonkeyBoy which has a huge hit in Norway with "ambitions". Its been reigning the top 20 chart for weeks.I believe the bands got their debut album ready for release on october 19th.

Totally agree. Opening track is a real cracker!!!! Love A-ha's style overall because of the good songs, arrangements and vocal style. The new album is in fact better than all the last ones because they took the time to emphasize what they are good at; timeless light synthpop! But; the new one is not about "bygones" but an absolute modern and fresh achievement. Listen and buy!

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