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Fergie Frederiksen - Equillibrium

Reviewer :
Tom Coyne Format: Album
Year: 1999
Label: MTM
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Anyone insane enough to continue to read my rambling diatribes each and every month, also know as reviews, have a bit of an idea of what I think of the vocal talents of the Fergster. Unfortunately this is one guy who never has had to worry about the term overexposure, as this is only the fifth album he has done in 20 years!! He possesses the rare quality of not only having a super voice but also having a texture and quality to his vocals that absolutely cannot be duplicated. Example in point, as great as Glenn Hughes is, just think of how many guys sound almost exactly like him, ditto for Jeff Scott Soto as well as many others. So after the masterpiece "Frederikson-Phillips" album of a few years ago, Fergie, rather characteristically, has remained silent. This record has been in the making for quite awhile and the overall brilliance and precision with which the songs are put forth are truely remarkable. It's records like this that make three quarters of what one has in their collection pale in comparison. The songs generally are not as hard edged as the aforementioned Frederikson- Phillips classic and actually lean more in the direction of a more Chicagoish feel, especially when Jason Scheff takes over the mike, and certainly no bad thing is that!!! In fact Jason assists on backing vocals on a few tracks. Actually the whole record reads like a whose who in melodic rock with the likes of Ricky Phillips(naturally), Bruce Gowdy, Tim Piece(great guitar solo on Blaze of Love) Kelly Hanson and JSS helping The Man out. My personal fav or the bunch, and it is really tuff to pick one, has to be the Martin Page penned "All For Love." This guy's vocal chops are increbible and the production job is bright and rich throughout. I also absolutely adore the rockiest song on the album "Blaze of Love" that has an infectious hook that grabs you on first listen. Richard Page's "Falling Into Place" is AOR the way only the big boys play it, cool and pompous as all hell!!! So there you have it, for the fluffsters out there, there will be a lot of soiled undies, and for you harder edged dudes who always wanted to dable in this stuff but thought it would damage your macho, this is a good record to take the plunge with!! 


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