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Our Lady Peace - Burn, Burn

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2009-07-21 Year: 2009
Label: Independent Label Group
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Raine Maida
Artist discography


On July 21, Our Lady Peace will release their seventh studio album, “Burn Burn,” released on Warner Music´s Independent Label Group. This album is their first since 2005, self-produced by the band at Raine´s home studio in L.A. There will be 2 versions of the release. One regular and a Deluxe Edition featuring a 2 bonus songs and a bonus DVD of studio footage.

The band releases some of their best music since “Gravity.” This album is more along the lines of the newer OLP sound, the more commercial side like “Gravity” but with more raw elements and more passion. The musicianship and the growth from the band on “Burn, Burn” shows a wiser, more experienced Our Lady Peace than we have seen before. Singer Raine Maida has been producing for years now and co-writing hit singles for David Cook and more. So it was only a matter of time until OLP began writing more commercial sounding songs. OLP still has their signature sound but these songs are a step beyond the rest. The weirdness element from the band that I loved in the past is on the back burner on this record, but the result is very satisfying to the ears.

The album opens with the lead off single “All You Did Was Save My Life” which should indubitably but a hit from the start. The song introduces a blended clean rock sound and I urgent chorus that gets you singing along from the first listen. From the first lines of "I´m not for sale / but I´ve been sold", "You looked at me as you walked in the room / like a Red Sea you split me open / somehow knew these wings were stolen / All You Did Was Save My Life." The lyrical content and vocal delivery Maida insures is impeccable. It’s one of those albums were any tune can really be released as a single. "Dreamland" is another moderate style song with a sing-a-long chorus. “Monkey Brains” is the one tune on the album that brings me back to the stranger arrangements of OLP we haven’t heard in a while. The guitar riffs are solid and the picking reminds us of the “Clumsy” days.

One thing I love about OLP albums is there is always a great slow song to look forward to. I would guess this piano ballad “Never Get Over You” would be released to radio next or at some point of the release, since this song has Billboard written all over it. Its your basic piano start with Maida leading in the vocals and kicks in to a solid chorus that I can see on a movie trailer or commercial. One of the best ballads I have heard form OLP. "The End Is Where We Begin" has all the u2 style bass flavors as well as a driving big chorus. “White Flags” is booked for stadiums and could be OLP’s 2009 anthem. This has single material written all over it. Its really hard to guess what the next single will be as "Sings of Life" could be with Maida and Steve on the acoustic, flowing into a moderate style tempo song with a great hook. "Paper Moon" is delicate and elegant and on the slower side again. This song is the lesser radio side and more atmospheric and ambient with clean delayed guitars soaked in reverb and clarity. Most reminiscent to the songs of “Bring Back The Sun” and “Lying Awake.” The song has the urgency of power like no other and the charisma to end the album on the highest note.

On The Deluxe Edition you will get 2 bonus tracks, "The Right Stuff and "Time Bomb." “The Right Stuff” kicks in to Steve and Jeremy beating on a down stroke with an almost “Not Enough” style riff. Again, the chorus will be in your head for days with this head-bobbing number. "Time Bomb" is a great track that i highly recommend buying the deluxe for. Soft guitars open the eerie song into a classic OLP driving song. Our Lady Peace delivers yet another defining moment in their career with the release of “Burn, Burn.”

Tracklisting 1. All You Did Was Save My Life
2. Dreamland
3. Monkey Brains
4. The End Is Where We Begin
5. Escape Artist
6. Refuge
7. Never Get Over You
8. White Flags
9. Signs Of Life
10. Paper Moon


Melodic Net Comments 

this sounds AMAZING! i LOVE it!

Great review, but note that "The Right Stuff" is no longer on the album—it has been replaced with "The End Is Where We Begin". Please adjust accordingly. Also, I can't believe you guys rated Happiness... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch only a 3.5/5! That was my second-favorite album of theirs!

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