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Chasing Ghosts - True Colors

Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2009-01-01
Label: Chasing Ghosts
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Chasing Ghosts
Artist discography


Did you know this record was made in magical place where dreams come true. Well if you didn’t, then just pop the CD in and take a listen for yourself. Chasing Ghosts has experimented in the indie rock for quite sometime and I have been covering the band since the first release under a different moniker. I have always compared the band to the likes of Lovedrug and Copeland, but this time they show us little more. The band has progressed so much with every release and this is the best this far (I think I said that about the last one too). Their growth that’s displayed defines a wiser band on the new release “True Colors.”

“Killing Miracles” starts of the album well with great guitar tones and solid production. The band displays the evolution from the start of the record until the end. I love their rock sound, its delicate at times and kicks in with power when it needs to accent the song, Very well done arrangements. “Odd circles” is the favorite on the album, and must say the most emotional song on the record. The drums are pounding with sustain in the beginning and the guitars blend to create a very atmospheric sound. The emotional ending of this song will keep you hitting the repeat button. “Stay A While” follows and transcends the acoustic side of the band. This songs reminds me of Copeland’s “Coffee” with the clearly produced acoustic guitars and the great vocal display. “Gasoline” and “Composure” kick up the beat on the album and make great singles. “Lie” is another favorite and will be a fan favorite. The echoed guitar lines washed out in reverb from Harrison are the highlight of this one… well until the chorus hits. The almost yelling emotional drive when the chorus hits changes the name of the game. The power behind the vocals and Michael’s lyrics shows they boys are not playing around. A well thought out tune overall, great parts in the music and vocals.

The thing I love about this band is the piano rock mixed with he hard rock. If you are into an indie rock album that resembles a more upbeat Lovedrug or Copeland, then this record will suit you well. Chasing Ghosts can do it all, from hard hitting emotional songs to stripped down acoustic ballads, that’s what drew me to the band in the first place. They get better with every release. Now you have 3 to check out, head over to their site and pick up a copy or check out the past releases.

Tracklisting 01. Killing Miracles
02. Nervine
03. Pretty Little Puppets
04. Odd Circles *
05. Stay A While *
06. Dive
07. Gasoline
08. Composure *
09. Lie *
10. Bend That Breaks You



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