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Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2010-01-13 Year: 2010
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: Charlie Peacock, Ken Andrews, Mike Elizondo, Rob Cavallo, Switchfoot
Artist discography


Switchfoot have existed since Rome was built and they have never really done anything bad. And their new disc is absolutely no exception to that rule. Musically, they are on safe land as usual. But the atmospheric and bombastic arena touches that I loved with the band earlier is long gone. They disappeared after 2005. Anyway - "The song" Needless And Heystack Life "is a great and powerful opening track that has an awful lot of influences from U2 and" Enough To Let You Go " is also a very good song just mentioning two songs. And there you have the Switchfoot version 2010 at their best. But there is a lack of great choruses and smashes on the new album. I am thinking of, for example, "Lonely Nation" from their great album "Nothing Is Sound" and the stunning “Dare You To Move” from the awesome album “The Beatifull Leftdown” which I think is their best album to date. There are no songs on the new album that are close to these masterpieces.  "Hello Hurricane" is not a bad disc. Not at all. But Switchfoot has spoiled us over the years. And this time they don’t. It’s just good modern rock with flirts from the past.


1. Needle And Haystack Life
2. Mess Of Me
3. Your Love Is A Song
4. The Sound [John M. Perkins' Blues]
5. Enough To Let Me Go
6. Free
7. Hello Hurricane
8. Always
9. Bullet Soul
10. Yet
11. Sing It Out
12. Red Eyes


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