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Thrice - Beggars

Troy Kramm Format: Album
Release date: 2009-08-11
Label: Vagrant Records
Genre: Post Hardcore
Artist discography


Ah, Thrice. I can honestly say that I have never had an appreciation for this band. They were a band that I might hear if one of my friends liked them, but would I choose to listen to them? No. Well, all of that has finally changed due to the release of “Beggars”. It took a few albums but they have finally gotten to me. Right from the opening track “All The World Is Mad” I was hooked. This entire album immediately sucks the listener in by its mood and atmosphere.

Am I going to listen to this CD when I want to hear some hard pounding rock music? For the most part, no. “Beggars” does have a few tracks that will get your blood pumping such as “At The Last” and “Talking Through Glass”. Sometimes I was wondering what songs like this were doing on the album after listening through the CD. It’s not like they are out of place on an album such as this, it seems almost unnecessary as the album is based more on its atmosphere thanks largely to the vocals of Dustin Kensrue. He truly shines throughout this album. If you were a fan of Thrice years ago and got lost along the way, this is the perfect album to get back into them.

As much as I praise this album. I still found myself getting a little tired of the tracks and wishing for some radio friendly rock songs that we would hear from something like “The Artist In The Ambulance”. I guess that is a testament to the bands progression rather than mine lol. Regardless. This is a good album, not great (in my eyes) but worth a listen if you were a fan of Thrice before. I would say more but Thrice´s rabid fan base can pick apart this CD more than I ever could.

Tracklisting 1. All The World Is Mad
2. The Weight
3. Circles
4. Doublespeak
5. In Exile
6. At The Last
7. Wood And Wire
8. Talking Through Glass / We Move Like Swing Sets
9. The Great Exchange
10. Beggars


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