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Paramore - Brand New Eyes

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2009-09-29 Year: 2009
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Genre: Emo
Producer: David Benedith
Artist discography


Paramore has secured their spot in the public eye with their last release "Riot!" and are ready to release their highly-anticipated third album "Brand New Eyes". Album 3 for most bands is a hard album to release, trying to please the fans of the first 2 releases. I don´t think Paramore are going to have a problem moving this one from store shelves. They know what works for them and have created their own signature sound that is highly recognizable on modern rock radio. Hailey Williams and the gang prepare a superb followup with their woman vs woman rock, highly polished crushing drums sound and amplified guitar riffs. This album reminds me more of the serious "All We Know Is Falling" with a mix of "Riot!" in between.

With now an official new member, Taylor York on guitar, "Brand New Eyes" solidifies a new beginning for the band and also a matured rock sound. No fan will be frowning at this release but will be intrigued on some songs on the album. You get the fast building songs also with 2 acoustic tracks and a killer ending to the album. "Careful" opens the album well with its hard driving pulse and beating music, in the classic Paramore vein. "Ignorance" you can now hear on the bands myspace captures all the elements that the band is known for. Catchy lyrics, fast guitars and a memorable chorus. "Playing God" is one of my personal favorites on the album. This leads off into "Brick By Boring Brick" which has one of the greatest choruses from the band. when Hailey sings "Bury the castle" that hook will be running circles in your head, guaranteed. "The Only Exception" and "Misguided Ghosts" are great acoustic additions to the album that the band hasn´t put on any album yet. thsi shows again the vocal ability of Williams but also the musicianship of the band. These musicians can write a really great stripped down, slow tune that wont lose you. "All I Wanted" is the more serious side of the band and were Hailey really showcases her vocal ability. These high notes in the chorus are extremely difficult and she does it will ease. Especially on the ending the strain she puts forth on the note before the band comes crashing in is so powerful, chills may run down your spine.

Paramore isn´t going anywhere and will not be one of those bands that fade out anytime soon. This album proves that they can make 3 albums that are full of nothing short of the best material the band can write. "Brand New Eyes" may take a little bit longer to get into but its seriousness and power will suck you right in.

Tracklisting 1. Careful
2. Ignorance
3. Playing God
4. Brick By Boring Brick
5. Turn It Off
6. The Only Exception
7. Feeling Sorry
8. Looking Up
9. Where The Lines Overlap
10. Misguided Ghosts
11. All I Wanted
12. Decode - Twilight Soundtrack Version


Melodic Net Comments 

I did not think they could make an equally good record compared to their sophomore album, but this new record displays some of Paramores finest moments, and what a set of pipes this girl have...noone can sing like her. I believe Rob Cavallo should be credited as producer here, Tom ...?

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