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UFO - The Complete Studio Albums 1974-1986

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2014-09-29 Year: 2014
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Lee Lyons / Ron Nevison / George Martin / UFO / Gary Lyons / Mick Glossop / Nick Tauber
Artist discography


Three Londoners and one German fella, it´s hard to believe these guys started out as a space rock band with their early albums in the 70´s. It wasn´t until the 1974 album "Phenomenon" when I became a fan. I never forget my 15th birthday on Dec 5th in 1979 when I saw UFO live on their No place to run tour. It was magic.

UFO are without doubt one of the most important bands in the history of British rock music, and they are still going strong even if there are only two original members left in the band with frontman Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker. Lots of various members have come and gone in UFO like Paul Chapman - Guitar (1978-1983), Atomik Tommy - Guitar (1984-1986), Neil Carter - Keyboards (1980-1983) just to name a few. But the classic line up will always centre around Mogg, Parker, Michael Schenker, Pete Way and Paul Raymond. That leads us to their greatest studio albums now selected in the box set "The complete studio albums 1974-1986", here you´ll find the masterpiece "Lights out" and the AOR-ish "Misdemeanor" along with 8 other brilliant rock albums.

We get the same bonus tracks as the remasters from 2007-2009 so there´s nothing unreleased to be found on these 10 discs except for a few U.S remixes.

Phenomenon - Doctor Doctor, Rock bottom
Force it - Shoot Shoot, Mother Mary
No heavy petting - Natural thing, I´m a loser
Lights out - Love to love, Lights out
Obsession - Only you can rock me, Lookin´ out for no.1
No place to run - Gone in the night, No place to run
The Wild The Willing and The Innocent - The wild the willing and the innocent, Lonely heart
Mechanix - Doing it all for you, Terri
Making contact - A fool for love, When it´s time to rock
Misdemeanour - This time, Night run


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Did you know that?

"ALICE COOPER" was originally the name of the entire band, before lead singer Vince Furnier took the name for himself.

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