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The Shazam - Meteor

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2009-08-22
Label: Not Lame
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Mack
Artist discography


"Meteor" is a welcome comeback from a band that master the genre of 70´s powerpop, this is the 5th album from The Shazam and the first one in 6 years.
It´s produced by none other than the famous Mack who has worked with Queen and E.L.O, talk about right man for the job.
If you want a huge dose of classic rock in the same vein as Mott The Hoople, Wings, Cheap Trick and Bay City Rollers.
Then you won´t be disappointed over "Meteor", everything is right on spot on this album from the songwriting to the performance.
Highlights: So awesome, Disco at the fairground, Let it fly


Melodic Net Comments 

I want to correct myself - the production is not flawed on this recording, it's the mastering that is flawed.

This album for me features some good songs but in comparison to Godspeed - well it lags behind that one. There's a few b-side material songs thrown in Meteor - I Got The Bomb, Time For Pie and Disco At The Fairgrounds. I knoe The 'Zam is capable of writing better songs than those. Don't Look Down as track #2? I wouldn't have put a ballad as track #2 but whatever. The production is flawed unfortunately on Meteor. It is mastered way too hot - a victim of the loudness wars. Drums are distorted on Let It Fly - in the buildup middle part of the song. Listen to when the floor toms are struck to hear the distortion. Also viewing the waveform on these tracks clearly shows digital clipping. Too bad!

Easily the best album of 2009. Just when you think Rock may be dead, "Meteor" comes and slams you in the head. Hard to pick a favorite song, each one comes on you like a panther; capturing you and gnawing on your brain. When this comes out on vinyl, I'll be first in line to buy it...again. Great art work, flawless production, and fantastic performances of incredible songs.