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Winger - Karma

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2009-10-16 Year: 2009
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock,  Progressive metal
Producer: Kip Winger
Artist discography


Not many bands succeed on combining artistic freedom with commercial songwriting as well as pro-musicianship with anthemic songs that even the most simple music lover can understand and listen to. Winger can!  Winger has most often and rather wrongly been described as a hair metal band which is far from the truth, what people saw back in the early 90´s were their MTV ballads and Kip´s good looks when the rest of the music was classic hard rock with progressive tendencies. I have loved this band ever since their first album and has always thought Reb´s riffs are up there in the same league as let´s say, Eddie Van Halen or Neal Schon. Winger´s new album "Karma" might not have a new "Headed for a heartbreak" or a "Rainbow in the rose" but it´s definitely just as good as their first two albums. I am so glad they took the upbeat lane of hard rock on the new album because even if I love "Pull" and "IV", there´s nothing like hearing Kip and Co letting go of all their energy for some hard hitting party rock! "Karma" is the best album of 2009 without competition!

Tracklisting 1. Deal With The Devil
2. Stone Cold Killer
3. Big World Away
4. Come A Little Closer
5. Pull Me Under
6. Supernova
7. Always Within Me
8. Feeding Frenzy
9. After All This Time
10. Witness
11. First Ending (European Bonus Cut)


Melodic Net Comments 

This is an absolutely fantastic Album.

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Did you know that?

Winger guitarist Reb Beach was asked how he would describe the artists he has played with in one word. -Angel (about Alice Cooper), -My best friend (about Kip Winger), -Legend (about David Coverdale).

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