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Gina Jacobi - Ömtåligt Gods

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2009-10-12
Label: Major Music
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Gina Jacobi
Artist discography


If there’s one artist who can claim to be the DALBELLO of Swedish music, it’s GINA JACOBI. Her working area is in Sundsvall in the middle of our tall country, and this is her return to writing an album in Swedish after releasing two CD’s in English.

All fans of the delicate mix of pop, AOR and hi-tech simply need to check this CD up. Those of you who know Gina from before won’t be disappointed, since these songs continue her cool tradition. So when I say DALBELLO, you must think of her “She” and “Whomanfoursays” era. Try the dramatic “Älskling” (Darling) which has got a mysterious feeling about it – almost like elves are crawling in your apartment when you’re listening. Or “Vad har jag?” (What have I got?) which is one of the more AOR oriented songs. The big difference between GINA JACOBI and DALBELLO would be the addition of progressive melodies, significantly heard in songs like “Somligt” (Some things) and “Duktig nu” (Good girl now). Yeah, “Somligt” even makes me think of Swedish artist MARITZA HORN, although with a hi-tech costume of course. My own favorite album by Gina are “Gå Som På Nålar” (Walk as upon needles) and “På Jakt Efter Solen” (The Quest For The Sun), but this one isn’t far behind those great albums. Gina’s back! All Swedes need to get this one, and to our non-Swedish readers I recommend you to start with her English albums “Like Me” (2005) and “Unlike Me” (2007) – then some of you will be interested in getting the Swedish albums as well. The lyrics are great, and it’s a shame that most of you aren’t able to understand Swedish.

Tracklisting 1. Tusen frågor
2. Ömtåligt gods
3. Duktig nu?
4. Kaninkokerskan
5. Älskling
6. Vad har jag?
7. Total absolution
8. Tyst!
9. Om ni inte fanns
10. Somligt
11. Som förut


Melodic Net Comments 

Thats not "AOR". Dont know whats worst, the songs, the vocals or the over all sound of the record.

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