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Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2010-03-02 Year: 2010
Label: Geffen Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


Lifehouse has now been active for ten years and become one of the biggest bands in the modern rock scene. This is of course no coincidence since the band and especially the front man Jason Wade is a brilliant songwriter who delivers time and time again. On their fifth major label album this is even more clearly than before as they may has delivered their best album when it comes to great songs. There are at least five big hits in my opinion and would be very surprised if this album did not make them even more successful than they already are. But even if it is the best album of songs in my opinion, it has a step up to their debut "No Name Face" which is one of last century´s best albums and with a far clearer depth. "Smoke & Mirrors" is a lot more pop orientated and have to say that will even find a couple of tracks destroyed by a technical production where Jason´s voice almost disappears. Its very radio friendly and also very shattering since they can’t decide if they wanna be a pop or rock act on this album. But it is as said before a brilliant album when it comes to great songs and a given purchase if you like what they´ve done before.

Tracklisting 1. All In
2. Nerve Damage
3. Had Enough
4. Halfway Gone
5. It Is What It Is
6. From Where You Are
7. Smoke & Mirrors
8. Falling In
9. Wrecking Ball
10. Here Tomorrow Gone Today
11. By Your Side
12. In Your Skin
13. Don't Wake Me When It's Over


Melodic Net Comments 

Are you serious? Moron!! You have no clue man, and that is a fact.

Henrik / Melodic
I listened to this on Spotify and I was as bored as can be. Some of the songs are hideous and I would like to call this their weakest effort so far. Sure, there are some catchy songs but overall I cannot like this album...

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