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SR-71 - Tomorrow

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2002-10-08
Label: RCA Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Butch Walker,N.Avron,M.Allan
Artist discography


SR 71 are the Rollce Royce of Modern rock giving us a perfect mix of sparkling powerpop,fresh modern punk with a touch of AOR! 2 years ago their stunning debut "Now you see inside" showed how modern rock could be played in a new interesting way. It sold gold and they had a top 20 hit with "Right now". Together with top producers Neal Avron and Butch Walker,frontman Mitch Allan made a remarkable strong album with 12 killer tracks,call it what you want from Coliseum Rock to palace party stuff....this what music is all about,sounding like there?s a lot of fun behind the making of the record and spreading the "feel god" effect all over the world. Imagine a soccer game between Arsenal and Huddersfield(div.2) in a FA cup game with SR 71 beeing Arsenal and New found glory as Huddersfield,you can imagine the division Super Rockers 71 play in. Offensive fresh rock that will entertain us into the 21st Century. First single "Tomorrow" set the mark for what?s to come,I hear right away that they have grown as a band. The st "She was dead" feels like a rocket ride,you dont even have the time counting down from 10 to zero until we have a lift off! SR 71 also shows a darker more serious side with "Truth" that is about sept.11th,with lyrics that gets to ya. There?s not a crappy song in sight,it feels like their label can roll the dice of which next song should be the single. Now you have to excuse me ?coz I?m gonna listen to "My world", stuff that makes you go mmmmmmm. SR 71 - You?re in my world!

Tracklisting 1. They All Fall Down
2. Tomorrow
3. My World
4. Hello Hello
5. Truth
6. Goodbye
7. She Was Dead
8. The Best Is Yet To Come
9. Broken Handed
10. Lucky
11. In My Mind
12. Non-Toxic


Melodic Net Comments 

Bengt Rist
No, no, no, something went realy wrong in the studio. This is just noice in my ears. Sounds like they are trying to hard to be something they?r not.

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