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Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2009
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Emo
Producer: Brian Howes
Artist discography


If you wanna get happy you can put on the new album with Boys Like Girls. The album is filled with lovely melodies and an energy filled production signed the band member Brian Howes. Musically we’re a bit from thesound on debut album (which sold gold in the US) cause they have taken the music a little bit more to the commercial radio format. What the hell doesn’t sound like then? Well – you might think I’m insane when I mention old AOR-guys and bands like Rick Springfield (just listen to “Real Thing” and you’ll understand what I mean), Kevin Paige and Romeos Daughter in a mix with the sound of 2009… Hmmm… strange comparison huh? Anything bad with the album then? Well there are a few “major-label – we need to have these sorts of tracks to break the album on the radio” songs like the duet with Taylor Swift “Two Is Better Than One” which sounds like an awful boyband ballad. But over all this is a great modern AOR-album the year 2009.

Tracklisting 1. Heart Heart Heartbreak
2. Love Drunk
3. She's Got A Boyfriend Now
4. Two Is Better Than One featuring Taylor Swift
5. Contagious
6. Real Thing
7. Someone Like You
8. The Shot Heard 'Round The World
9. The First One
10. Chemicals Collide
11. Go


Melodic Net Comments 

Hey Ghost - cool with different opinions and taste. It is still a "boyband-song" even if it might be a catchy one. Don't you think? :-)

This album does not come close to their debut, it is way to predictable and song after song blend in to the next.The biggest problem with this record is that it sounds like at least 25 other records in the same category this year. I spotted some kind of distingt on their debut, but it is long gone now. Par, I am sorry to say, I still wonder what was going on in that review, because I did not get half of it. The ironic thing is that the "boyband ballad" as you called it, is actually the only memorable song on the this record.

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