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Steven Deal - Radio Twelve

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2009-11-15
Label: Seditionary Kitten
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Steven Deal & David Kohl
Artist discography


Steven Deal plays a mix of the ‘80s UK mod scene with bands like Lambrettas and The Chords with an edge of The Replacements sort of straight forward rock/punk/pop. But this CD isn´t that good to be honest. There is a lack of good songs and the performance doesn´t give me that much either. The best stuff on the album are the more acoustic based duet "Fine" which is an intimate and beautiful tune, the 60´s sounding "Where I Wanna Be" and "Falling Backward that reminds me a lot of Caesars Palace. If Steve would have done an album with that sort of songs he would have get 3 stars without a doubt. Now there are far too many songs that doesn´t grab my attention.

Tracklisting 1. Valentine
2. Falling To Heaven
3. Pretty Baby
4. Boyslut
5. Fine
6. There's Only One Person
7. Where I Wanna Be
8. Falling Backward
9. Make Her See
10. The Invisible Heart
11. 38 Maple Street
12. Radio Twelve


Melodic Net Comments 

Graham Raymond
yer crackers old chum! this CD is actually quite rippin'. ACE in fact! Reminds me more of Coxon or Davies, very Beatles at times...Buzzcocks, don't hear the Replacements at all...well different strokes, I guess...I DIG IT, that's all that really matters is all.

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