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Eaglestrike - Eaglestrike

Reviewer :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Promo
Release date: 2009-11-20 Year: 2009
Label: Thunderstruck Prod.
Genre: Rock
Producer: Christer Örtefors
Artist discography


Christer Örtefors normally plays bass in Freak Kitchen. Not here though, here he sings, plays guitar and is the main songwriter. The result: Eaglestrike delivers an album consisting of 12 rock songs. There are obvious differences between the both bands as this is more straight-forward rock than FK, there are less exotic rhythms and jazz influences here. On more than one occasion I get vibes from Monster Magnet, especially when it comes to the vocals. There are also some hints towards Ozzy on the high pitch part of the singing. Compared to FK this may feel a bit simple but sometimes you want something that you put on and that you can listen to immediately. If you are into old-school rock and roll there are plenty to find here, nice riffs and some cool solos, many songs to tap your foot to. I still think that FK fans will check this out and I see no reason why they should not. One thing I feel I must mention is that the tempo of this album is pretty low overall, so punk rockers, be aware! Best songs are "Path of Destruction", "Walk In My Shoes" and "Left Out In the Cold". Overall, this album is worth checking out.

Tracklisting 1. Stronger
2. Path of destruction
3. Caught in a cobweb
4. Walk in my shoes
5. Barrel of my gun
6. I believed in you
7. If they knew
8. Hint of a smile
9. Losing my friend
10. Left out in the cold
11. Want you to know
12. Won't bow down


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