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Story Of The Year - The Constant

Reviewer :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2010-02-12 Year: 2010
Label: Epitaph Records
Genre: Post Hardcore
Producer: Michael Baskette
Artist discography


This is one of my most anticipated releases of this year. I absolutely loved The Black Swan and I was really curious to find out if Story of the Year would be able to top that album with their new effort, The Constant. When the band posted to preview tracks on MySpace it sounded promising and now I finally have the promo copy on my computer. On the first song they surprise with a children choir, I did not expect that but it works. The whole album is a journey among songs that bare the Story of the Year trademark, fast and heavy yet very melodic. The "singles" show of both the fast side of the band as well as the more melodic side. "To the Burial" is easily one of the best songs on here, along with "Won Threw Ate" 

One song that changes the pattern is "Holding On To You", which is a ballad with pianos and strings. It is not as bad as one would expect but it is one of the weakest songs on the album. After that one it is back to business again, the tempo is up again and we are smiling. Sure, the overall impression could be that the songs sound even here and there but as soon as I listen to a song off the album I can tell that it is Story of the Year. They have reached a level of consistency that is very high and if you like what their back catalogue you will not be disappointed with The Constant either.    

When many bands close albums with a slow ballad Story of the Year decides to finish with the fastest song on the album. Almost in punk tempo they roar "Eye for an Eye" and when it is over I have no choice but to press play again. If you like your rock quite heavy with tons of nice riffs and if you have bands like Breaking Benjamin in your collection there is no way you will survive 2010 without this album. I still think The Black Swan is a slightly better album but this one is not too far behind. One of the best so far this year, I’m very happy!

Tracklisting 1. The Children Sing
2. The Ghost Of You and I
3. I'm Alive
4. To The Burial
5. The Dream Is Over
6. Remember A Time
7. Holding On To You
8. Won Threw Ate
9. Ten Years Down
10. Time Goes On
11. Eye For An Eye


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